Single Ply Acrylic Coating System

So how do Acrylic Roof Coatings benefit commercial building owners and facility managers?
The average dark roof absorbs a large portion of the sun’s ultraviolet rays as heat. These damaging UV rays can cause your roof to wear prematurely. Industry studies show that as many as 70-80% of roofs are prematurely replaced. On the other hand, white roof surfaces (Cool Roofs) reflect up to 85% of the sun’s heat, saving building owners up to 30% in cooling costs annually. Not to mention, our state-of-the-art fluid applied acrylic coating systems are very economical to install, saving you thousands in comparison to other roofing systems and can be installed over ANY existing roof system (except silicone) .

Once cured, this Single Ply Acrylic System becomes a completely monolithic (seamless), self-flashing, self-adhered, 100% waterproof, Cool Roof membrane that unlike traditional roofing, never needs to be replaced because it’s renewable! This eliminates the need for periodic tear-off of roofing membranes and gives a truly sustainable roofing system by re-coating every 10 years on a maintenance schedule.

Cool Roof coating restorations do not classify as a new roofing system, but rather a repair, therefore the associated costs can be written off within the same year rather than capitalized over many, as with traditional re-roofing. The added energy savings of a Cool Roof will also help the roof pay for itself. Protect your building with our premium coatings, and enjoy energy savings for many years to come.

Don’t re-roof. RENOVATE!!

Going Green also means Saving Green!

You’ll save money, time and aggravation and avoid time-consuming and costly tear-offs


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